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Oooooh yess, thanks for fixing this! I'll now hop on the praise train and eulogy the voice actors for their top notch job, your creativity on humor and all the staff involved in the series for their great work! Looking forward to see the next episode indeed

DId i just witness Australia didg'in its way off planet Earth? That was absolutely brilliant! You just got a win bigger than Trump's.

Positive, voice acting made it pretty funny and for a silly change of pace it was entertaining. Now, i'd not put all my money on a fulltime series, but once in a while it could work... Keep up the good times!

D-SuN responds:

I took some vocal inspiration from NWAR and FLASHGITZ. It's very Newgrounds.

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I remember checking this demo right when it was released here on NG and thinking "hey, this looks pretty interesting and fun to play! gotta keep an eye for it" and then proceeding to forget all about it... unless my gf forced me to fill up my Steam wishlist so she knows what to gift me, so while scrolling around i stumbled upon Crosscode again and decided to add it.
Needless to say, i got it this Christmas and it's been an incredible blast since the moment i launched it, i've been playing it on every chance i have and i still haven't finished it despite 70+ hours in. Plenty of exploration through the maps, a satisfying combat system, a charming and perfectly fitting soundtrack (Autumn's Rise is sooo soothing!) and a pretty intriguing story which managed to keep me interested all the way through (and believe me, i really don't care too much for a game's plot usually) are making this gem one of the best games i've played since Dark Cloud 2, totally worth whatever price you can put your hands on!!

Simple and plain, works fine aside for one little bug (?) happening whe i tried to rotate the right circle too fast, it somehow lost the right position and instead of facing one full color toward the ball it showed the middle point of two colors, resulting in a fail no matter what. Dunno if that was intended for extra challenge but doesn't look like. Nice work anyway

This totally made my day, it works perfectly fine for me and it's good old-Newgrounds style fun, simple, irreverent but still somehow deep. Tenouttaten for me

Btw, you can revive if you happen to touch cheese after hitting a brick, now to get that medal...

DBuck-Eye responds:

Glad you liked it! :)

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Yes, you totally did it! When the lyrics came in I couldn't hold the laughs and, damn, that's a fine shredding too! This will be no uber masterpiece, but surely is the happiest metal song I've ever heard! Keep enjoying your life!

TheDoomrider responds:

WOHOOOO!!! :D Thanx, I was hoping that would be the effect of the "lyrics" LOL!

That was cool, nothing less... and that developer sure will miss a powerful track like this. Great work!

Orchesy responds:

Thank you for your words. I hope someone will still find this piece useful. At least I'm glad you like it!

Funny, my first thoughts were like "damn, if this trumpet keeps on goin', i'm gonna flame this shit and shove it up his backdoor", but then it stopped and everything became much more enjoyable, mind-haunting and somewhat mystical, and then you put some epicness in the right amount and with perfect timing, you totally redeemed that trumpet! Great work!

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Oh boy, i hate to have a veeery dirty mind... but the mark she has on her back right leg, inner tigh... just looks like a floppin' penis at first glance :/
...not that i have a problem with that :P and, jokes aside, looks pretty nice overall, if only her hair went to cover her chest and there was no shirt it would feel even more in theme, but that's quite solid nonetheless... Keep up the good work!

Dunno if that's just the pixel effect, but your drawings remind me so much of Risk of Rain, i'd love to blast aliens away with some of these characters!

Wow, really?

First one! Love all of your art, you sick drifter!

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