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Life is Good! Life is Good!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yes, you totally did it! When the lyrics came in I couldn't hold the laughs and, damn, that's a fine shredding too! This will be no uber masterpiece, but surely is the happiest metal song I've ever heard! Keep enjoying your life!

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TheDoomrider responds:

WOHOOOO!!! :D Thanx, I was hoping that would be the effect of the "lyrics" LOL!

Last Effort Last Effort

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was cool, nothing less... and that developer sure will miss a powerful track like this. Great work!

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Orchesy responds:

Thank you for your words. I hope someone will still find this piece useful. At least I'm glad you like it!

Clockwark Clockwark

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funny, my first thoughts were like "damn, if this trumpet keeps on goin', i'm gonna flame this shit and shove it up his backdoor", but then it stopped and everything became much more enjoyable, mind-haunting and somewhat mystical, and then you put some epicness in the right amount and with perfect timing, you totally redeemed that trumpet! Great work!

Can't Give Up Can't Give Up

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, the idea is pretty solid, but I feel that it should grow a bit more after a couple minutes , I know it's an ambient song but I don't think that justifies it being a little repetitive (don't get me wrong, it just needs a couple of sounds adding and glittering it all in some warm, greasy juice).
On a side note, I'd say that the phasing effect would rock much more if it kicked in a small bit later in the song, rather than having it on from the beginning... But go on!

An Eye for Detail (WIP2) An Eye for Detail (WIP2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Work in progress? Naw man, this is sweet and perfect as it is! The beat is just right and grew up the right way ( and that tasted like 7th street by Chinese Man from time to time), and the tune itself it's so relaxing, yet so invigorating that makes me willing to wildly bask in the sun, even if it's half past midnight right now. Oh, and, like raymanftw94 stated, the background noise fits so well!
Now, I wish you to go ahead, experiment a lot and have tons of fun, BUT, please, leave this shiny, short gem as it is, 'cos that sounds so damn fine (I'm gonna download it btw, just to be sure xD). Enough words for now, i'll be keepin' an ear toward you, waiting for something refreshing like you just did. Have a nice day sir!
P.s. Just one question, you said you did some acoustic guitar samples, but i'm unable to hear anything resembling a guitar in the track. Would you enlighten me about that..?

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Technosaur responds:

Gladly! When the melodic sound kicks in at the beginning, you can hear a type of "pad" that sounds like it has an attack effect on it, right? That's actually an acoustic guitar chord being played in reverse. You can also hear single notes being played in reverse at 1:54. Rather than the whole reverse thing, the guitar was also used for a small pluck that was played in the background around the climax of the track.

Thanks for the review! <3 And I'm planning on this staying the same for quite a bit; I want to practice a bit more at the particular genre, then make an extended/improved mix later in the future.

This Game Is Sooper Hard Guyz This Game Is Sooper Hard Guyz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Are you frikin' kidding? 30 minutes to think, set up and tweak this ready-to-insanely-party track? Be honest, you eat vinyls for breakfast and do shower in Mp3's everyday, i think i wouldn't even put up the drums within that timespan! How do you do it, how can you find the inspiration AND manage to translate it so quickly into awesome beats and warping pads? It looks just like you are able to touch directly that soundwave, pet it nicely and whisper her how to behave properly to make me feel the beat like never before, I once again bow to your creativeness.
Oh, btw, I totally love how the first theme has almost the same sound of This Boss Likes to Party, so this' flying directly to the favorites pal!

Unknown Side Of You Unknown Side Of You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man, the vocal parts are astonishing! I mean, the sound itself makes that just perfectly flowing in the beat, but the fact that you were giving out the instructions about how to listen to the song made me laugh at first impact, but when I played this while about to get asleep they only added up to the experience! And so, i get repetitive... Every instument was cleverly placed and served your will extremely well, and the change you placed around 2:10 blasted my mind outta my skull, in fact now there's thoughts-goo all over the wall.. I'm starting to wonder if you could ever come up with some tune I don't like, it seems that the more I listen to your stuff, the less that become possible... I'll just shut up now and blast my mind a little more, see you on your next masterpiece!

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RobinDB responds:

Siamorain, you always make me feel better about myself. :D I get what you meant about laughing at the 'instructions' at first, I honestly think they're more cheezy than anything. This song was really more about experimenting with the new guitar VST I found, but I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the review. ^_^

Feeling Dead [WIP] Feeling Dead [WIP]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This won't be easy...

I'm trying to write down some constructive criticism, but the fact that this is in fact just the beginning of the song is fucking my mind happily. I mean, i'd say that there's too few instruments, but obviously they are just holding back waiting for the chorus to kick in, so this one doesn't count. I can try to take on the vocals, but the singing itself sounds fitting to me, maybe one small complaint on the very lyrics about saying too often "I"(and thus, focusing the song on you, instead of the feeling itself. it gets, like, too personal?), but that's just a silly matter of personal taste..
So, to make it short (but that's already too late, damn!) I can't critique well for the early reason, so I can just look forward to hear what you're up with and give you an encouraging 8, to motivate you to unleash some sheer genius and let me raise it to a fully satisfying ten! It just needs a few extra 00mph... And I know you have them somewhere!!

RobinDB responds:

Haha, alright, I might find the motivation to finish it then. My recent string of songs has sort of drained my inspiration, but I'll keep at it. ;D

Where The Shadows Stay Where The Shadows Stay

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't help it

I simply LOVE your stuff!! The way you arrange it, the breaks and changes, the rhytm and sounds, the global results, the fitting titles... How do you do it? That sounds like the work of a pro,so i have to ask, are you currently making money with your music? 'Cos you could easily, at least from my point of view, and that comes from a guy that has been a metalhead for the major part of his life! I mean it, if you ever come to Florence and lay out a live performance i would pay for being there!
Btw, i guess it's pretty obvious by now, but there's only a huge load of WIN over here pal!!

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RobinDB responds:

Woah, I've been rollin in awesome reviews lately! :D I am in no way a professional, lol. I'm quite flattered you would assume so. I've made no attempt to learn how to DJ and I don't think that will be a priority for me any time soon. I'm glad you like the way I arrange my songs, and if I ever do go pro, Newgrounds will be the first place to hear about it. :D Thanks again.

I Died In Space (RDB) I Died In Space (RDB)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You did it twice

While i've got nothing to say against the low-pitched one, i have to admit that the high-pitched ringing sound feels a bit out of line in the intro, while it gains its full potentials as soon as the other instruments kicks in, but i have to say that it's a little too persistent, maybe it's just a matter of volume, but I would have liked it more if that was used more sparingly...
That aside, a really mind-blowing experience! Maybe it's just me being a little high, but while I was listening it for the first time I was brought to another dimension, where an alien court slowly examined me and judged my death penalty, ready to bring me outside the atmosphere naked to let my guts be exposed by zero pressure. Then, luckily, the song started fading away, and I re-opened my eyes in time... Otherwise I wouldn't be here writing these words.
Anyway, the one at the beginning was the only complaint I had to make, I can hear only awesomeness over here! Keep up the good work!

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RobinDB responds:

Hahaha, thanks again for reviewing. I couldn't help laughing at your trippy moment. I guess that ringing synth effect is a bit heavy in this piece, but this song is so old to me now that I won't be bothering to edit it any further. Thanks for diggin it though, and I'm glad you didn't get lost in space, lol.